Collection: Cage Ladders

Due to regulations and safety codes, many situations where working in an elevated position requires wearing a safety harness and attaching it to a static object.  In most cases, required safety harness use can annoy the user and get in the way or be problematic where there is no place to safely attach the harness.  Workers often violate safety codes in lieu of convenience.  Little Giant Ladder® has provided an alternative to teh safety harness requirement by providing a fully enclosed safety cage and work platform at the top of the ladder.  These cage ladders com in a variety of options, including fixed height, adjustable height, and compact size (designed to fit inside drop-ceiling tiles).  We are also able to offer a unique fuselage safety cage ladder, with an adjustable ladder inside the cage to allow access to the small compartments on the exterior fuselage of an aircraft.  These ladders also feature several wheel configurations to allow for easy transportation while deployed or collapsed.  These ladders combine the utility and convenience that Little Giant Ladder® is known for with the ultimate safety measures.  Stay safe and buy today.