Extension Ladders

The extension ladders available from Little Giant Ladder® offer a wide range of options, making sure you are properly equipped for the job.  With most sizes available in both IA and IAA ratings, both the Lunar and SumoStance ladders have several mechanisms designed for safety.  All of the extension ladders have options like cable hooks, a v-rung to lean against poles, base-leveling equipment, and a LedgeLock claw to secure the ladder to a cable or the optional LedgeLock Dock.  The 28 foot Lunar ladder also has the option of a limited arrest system, providing an extra safety measure when working from extreme heights.  The SumoStance ladder has a wide-stance base and a Walkthrough Dock option, allowing you to attach the Walkthrough rail at the top of the ladder for safe transition from ladder to elevated surface.  Safety should be the number one concern when working at great heights, and no ladder is more safe than the Little Giant Ladder® Lunar or SumoStance.

28 Ft. Shovel Aluminum Extension Ladder - Type IAA

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