Collection: Lift'n Buddy

Lift'n Buddy was founded in Fargo, North Dakota with the aim of providing helping people lift and transport items more easily. Lift'n Buddy's products, including Keg Lifter 200lb capacity, which range from the typical commercial unit to their industrial grade model, were created and developed at an InnovateND facility, a state-of-the-art company incubator, after significant research. Since then, Lift'n Buddy has frequently introduced new products in order to stay up to date with industry standards. Nowadays, they provide specialized lifting and transportation solutions for a variety of sectors, including warehousing, healthcare, and retail, to mention a few. The business is committed to making accessories that are secure, effective, and simple to use so that they may be applied to any task and in any situation. These devices are ideal for anyone who needs assistance with heavier tasks because they can lift up to 400 lbs. Lift'n Buddy also places a high focus on customer care; regardless of the size of your order, they guarantee your pleasure at every stage, from pre-sales guidance to after-sales support and maintenance. Get a Lift'n Buddy tool right away to make heavy lifting easier than ever!