Rubber Mats

Cactus Mat's® most popular rubber floor mats are the comfort zone, VIP-topdek jr., and VIP-tuffdek heavy duty mats. The comfort zone mat is made of thick rubber with beveled outer edges and honey combed cell design to absorb shock and cushion the feet. The VIP-topdek jr. mat is 3 ft. x 5 ft. and although considered a lighter duty mat it provides excellent comfort in a wide variety of kitchen and commercial applications. 1/2" Thick with molded beveled edge on all sides for easier cart acces. The VIP-Tuffdek is a full thickness heavy duty mat at 7/8" thick it is extremely durable and comfortable. Easy to handle w/ excellent drainage for liquids and waste. Both the VIP topdeck and tuffdeck are available in regular black or in grease resistant red rubber. Choose the ones that work best for you.