Bulk Delivery Truck Six Wheels (60 Cubic Ft.)

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Chem-Tainer® Six Wheel Bulk Delivery Truck 60 Cubic Ft. Capacity

Rugged, non-marking truck designed to maximize the payload when delivering to hotels, motels, hospitals and restaurants. Ideal also for transport of bagged waste material and recyclables. Convenient front cut out assures greater productivity when loading and unloading, while providing greater worker safety.

Comes with industrial 6" rubber casters four swivel ends with two fixed center casters. Available in various different color options.

  • 42"W x 60"L x 48"H
  • Specially Designed Poly Base
  • Optional Tow Bar Available
  • Hand Holes and Drain Holes Standard
Material Polyethylene
Model No. M7064
Dimensions 42"W x 60"L x 48"H
Weight 180 lbs.
Wheel Type 6" Rubber casters, four swivel end casters and two fixed center casters
Brand Chem-Tainer