Echelon Collection Indoor Three Stream Receptacle

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Ex-Cell Kaiser® Echelon Collection Indoor Three-Stream Receptacle

3 Rigid plastic liners with ample 25-gallon capacity in each liner. Features a stainless steel body with black anodized trim.

Locked dual front doors open for easy serviceability of liners. High-end color aluminum graphics kit includes designations for Cans/Bottles, Compost, Landfill, Paper, Plastic, Recyclables, and Trash.

Adjustable feet to protect floor surfaces and keep the unit slightly elevated to allow for air circulation and prevent mold/mildew growth and "mop around" rings.

Complete "Recycling Receptacle" Includes Three Tops; 2 Cans/Bottles, and 1 Trash Opening
All Waste Stream Openings are Finished in a Fingerprint Proof, Black Texture EXL-Coat Powder Coat Finish
Liner Base Resin Meets UL94 Flammability Standard
ADA Approved

Model No. ECH3-2R
Brand Ex-Cell Kaiser
Capacity  75 Gallons