Ellipse Two Stream Outdoor Receptacle (Two 45 Gal. Liners)

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Ex-Cell Kaiser® Ellipse Two 45 gal. Stream Outdoor Receptacle

Heavy duty high capacity two stream outdoor receptacle. Sleek canopy protects openings from the elements.

Features beveled square openings: 13" with Black trim for Trash and 8" with Recycle Blue trim for Recyclables. Units come standard with a keyed locking mechanism to prevent unauthorized access.

Includes two 45 gallon capacity liners. The liner base resin meets the UL94 flammability standard. 

  • Available in Four Different Colors
  • Pre-Applied Easy to Read White Graphics
  • Made from Over 30% Recycled Material.

Capacity 90 Gallons
Model No. RGU-3645
Dimensions 48.5"L x 27.5"W x 52"H
Brand Ex-Cell Kaiser