Sanitizing Wipe Companion

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Ex-Cell Kaiser® Sanitizing Wipe Companion 

The body is made of satin stainless steel and is fire-proof, with vinyl trim and double-beaded bottom. Comes with a flat lid that has a fingerprint-proof textured finish and an 8" opening.

TOWELS Graphic in black vinyl placed just below the top. The receptacle includes a removable LLDPE plastic liner with handle openings. Liner base resin meets the UL94 Flammability Standard. The unit is made of 100% post-consumer recyclables.

  • 15"Dia x 28"H
  • Weighs 30 lbs.
  • 18 Gallon Indoor Waste Receptacle
Model No. SW-1528 TWL SS BLX
Brand Ex-Cell Kaiser
Capacity 18 Gallons
Dimensions 15"Dia x 28"H