Upgraded PMV Pump Grease (50:1, 120 lb.)

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Lincoln® Upgraded PMV Grease Pump 50:1

Originally introduced in 2007, the PMV pump line is recognized for its strong performance, quiet operation, ease of use and design simplicity. Building on this widely utilized design, SKF continues to develop and improve the PMV to provide customers with technically advanced, long-lasting lubrication service pumps.

The upgraded design includes a more robust outlet body casting and a copper pump tube seal that protects the internal outlet casting. In addition, an outlet check on the oil pumps prevents excess supply line pressure from reaching the pump and prevents damage due to thermal expansion back pressure.

  • New Outlet Body Casting
  • New Copper Gasket between Outlet Casting & Pump Tube
  • Special Limited 5 Year Warranty
  • For use with 120 lb. Drums
Model No. V450120000
Brand Lincoln
Pumping Ratio 50:1
Air Pressure 40 to 50 psi 
Maximum Output Pressure  7500 psi/517 bar 
Air Inlet  3/8 NPTF
Material Outlet  1/4 NPTF
Airmotor Bore Diameter 
Stroke  3-1/4"
Output Per Cycle  1.47 cu. in. 
Wetted Parts  Carbon steel, brass, zinc, polyurethane, nitrile
Free Flow 220 cu. in./min. 
Overall Length  - 120 lb. (36-7/16")
- 400 lb. (42-15/16"