UV Divider Valve S Single Outlet

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Lincoln® UV Divider Valve S Single Outlet

UV divider valves are designed to meter oil or grease in automatic or manual systems installed on all types of industrial machinery. Segmented baseplate assembly contains all inlet and outlet connections. Alternate outlet ports are located on the face of the divider valve which may be used for installation of performance indicators. 

Here are links to the modular Inlet Sections (87918), Intermediate Sections (87919), End Sections (87920) and Tie Rods (250290, 250291, 250292, 250293, 250294, 250295)

Brand Lincoln
Maximum Lube Points/Assembly 16
Maximum Operating Pressure  3500 psi/240 bar
Inlet Section Model  87918
Inlet Section Thread  1/4" NPSF (f) 
Intermediate Section Model  87919
Intermediate Section Thread  1/8" NPSF (f) 
Performance Indicator Port  1/8" NPSF (f) 
Material of Construction  Yellow chromate plated steel 
Seal Construction  Flouroelastomer