All-Star Caster Lineup

All-Star Caster Lineup

When it comes to casters, sometimes the options can be absolutely overwhelming. Unless you are a caster expert, you have no idea what to get to best suit your needs. We’ve put together this list to help cover your most common uses. Included are links to the different types of casters. The larger the wheel, the more weight it can carry, so keep that in mind when shopping for a caster.  


The Nomadic wheel has the best combination of cushioned ride, shock absorption, and strength. This allows it to easily roll over cords or other obstacles in its way. The flat tread promotes a longer life and smoother rolling over hard surfaces. Many softer treads like to leave marks on hard floors, but the Nomadic is specially designed to prevent floor marking.  At the center of this caster is an annular ball bearing, which has very little rolling resistance.


Since carpet is naturally cushioned, it’s best to stick with a hard wheel when trying to maintain rolling ease. The Polymadic wheel has a polyurethane tread which provides a smooth roll, but the annular ball bearing is really what makes this wheel roll without stopping. The rounded tread helps it roll fairly easily over carpet as well. Just because this is the best caster for carpet doesn't mean it can't be used elsewhere; we see these used all the time on shopping carts and other applications.


With a heavy-duty cast iron core, this wheel can hold a lot of weight. The big issue with an iron or steel tread is that they are flat-out rough. The polyurethane tread fixes that problem by providing a nice, smooth tread that rolls easily over just about any flat surface. With a 2" wide tread, this wheel is made to carry heavy loads and keep your floors protected at the same time.


This is a glass-filled nylon wheel. The glass helps reinforce the wheel so it can withstand incredible weight (the 5” Maxrok can hold 1000 lbs). The nylon tread and core is hard, but durable, and the 2” width provides a big enough surface area to easily roll over loose ground. This wheel is not rated for floor protection though, so it’s not recommended for use on surfaces that can be easily damaged.


While the Ergolastomer wheel can be used in countless applications, it truly shines when used on asphalt and in extreme weather conditions. This 2" wide wheel has a slight cushion, which gives a smooth roll under a heavy load on a rough surface. We’ve sold these to clients who attach them to large trash dumpsters! With the 5” caster able to withstand a weight of 1400 lbs, there’s no better option for your heavy-duty asphalt rolling needs.


This wheel can do it all. Soft, cushioned tread? Check. Durable? Check. Rolls on all types of surfaces? Check. The thermoplastic rubber tread is soft, shock-absorbing, protects the floor, and reduces rolling noise. The rounded tread (or donut tread) allows for easy swiveling on all types of flooring. This caster comes with sealed precision bearings which reduces rolling resistance and allows the caster to get wet without fear of corrosion. At Source 4 Industries, we use these on almost every cart and platform truck we sell, and often use their offset-hub version to repair hand trucks as well. If you’re not sure what to get, you can’t go wrong with the Thermo-Pro.

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