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Since 1942, Durham has offered premium industrial storage and packaging goods. You can rely on Durham's high-quality shipping solutions because of our over 70 years of expertise supplying customers in the commercial, industrial, and educational markets with heavy-duty material handling equipment, storage units, steel cabinets, and industrial workbenches. Our top-notch selection of metal and plastic goods enables companies to cut costs while maximizing their capacity for storage and organization. Also, we produce the best shelving, racks, first aid boxes and cabinets, flammable storage cabinets, and gas cylinder cabinets to help all of our clients achieve the highest level of employee safety. For all of your applications, Durham Manufacturing is dedicated to providing professional-grade goods. It is understandable why Durham has continued to offer top-notch service long into its third decade with speedy delivery times and a wide selection at affordable costs. Durham Manufacturing is your one-stop shop for modern bespoke storage solutions.

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