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Are you in need of heavy-duty material handling equipment? Look no further! We’re pleased to offer specialty pallet trucks from leading brands such as Wesco® and Valley Craft®. Our selection of pallet trucks will provide you with the strength, stability, and durability necessary for transporting products around warehouses, locations, or stores. We know our customers have varying needs when it comes to their material handling equipment. That’s why we make sure to carry the full range of pallet trucks. From the four wheel Big Blue HVAC truck to the two wheel EZY-Tilt standard truck made of steel or aluminum frames, we have it all.

In addition, our tilting folding fork truck is perfect for any application requiring superior maneuverability and efficiency in tight spaces or congested aisles. All our options are designed with durability and dependability in mind so that your product transport can be done smoothly without any hiccups. For robust, reliable material handling equipment look no further than our selection of Wesco® and Valley Craft® pallet trucks. Perfect for transporting items around warehouses, locations or stores while providing stability and versatility whenever necessary.

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