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Sentry Protection Products specializes in creating durable, reliable, and effective impact-resistant products to protect property in a range of applications. The full line of products includes various solutions for rack protection, column protection, building corner protection, parking protection and more.

Sentry rack protectors are designed to keep racks safe from pallet impacts using lattice overlays that provide superior strength over traditional flat shrouds. For column protection, Column Sentry FIT and Concrete Wrap™ column protectors act as wrap-around shields that can be filled with sand or foam for additional strength to absorb forklift impacts. Corner Sentry™ building corner protector offers a robust solution to help safeguard buildings from impacts from large vehicles on wide range of substrates. Park Sentry® line of products are perfect for parking applications featuring durable rubber compounds that guard against sliding cars' bumpers or even lift kits. Last but not least, the Collision Sentry® Corner Pro is an amazing technology that uses barcode sensors mounted at the corners of structures along with real time audio warnings to notify operators of approaching obstacles they may have missed while turning the corner.

We believe safety should never be compromised and we ensure this thanks to our full line of innovative structure protection solutions developed with quality craftsmanship and lasting performance in mind. Experience the power of these rigid and damage-resistant solutions with Sentry Protection today!

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