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Sentry Protection Products is an industry leader in developing impact-resistant products that are long-lasting, dependable, and useful for a variety of applications. Many options for rack protection, column protection, building corner protection, parking protection, and other uses are included in the complete spectrum of goods.

Sentry rack protectors use lattice overlays, which are stronger than conventional flat shrouds, to protect racks from pallet hits. Column Sentry FIT and Concrete WrapTM column protectors serve as wrap-around shields for column protection and can be filled with sand or foam for added strength to withstand forklift strikes. Buildings can be protected from significant vehicle impacts with the Corner SentryTM building corner protector on a variety of substrates. The Park Sentry® series of goods is ideal for parking applications because it is made of tough rubber compounds that prevent bumpers from sliding or even lift kits from sliding. Last but not least, an incredible innovation called Collision Sentry® Corner Pro uses barcode sensors positioned at building corners coupled with real-time auditory alerts to alert drivers to impending impediments they could have overlooked while turning the corner.

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