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At Source 4 Industries our selection of hand trucks are second to none! We stock the top leading brands such as Dutro®, B&P Manufacturing®, Gleason®, Wesco®, Meco-Omaha® and Valley Craft® so you can be sure you're getting the highest quality available. From all standard utility trucks, collapsible trucks, convertible trucks, aluminum trucks, appliance and vending machines, drum trucks, cylinder trucks, shovel nose trucks, pallet trucks to curb ramps and accessories & wheels, we've got it all!

These products have been designed with their specific purpose in mind and they all guarantee durability and longevity. With tens of thousands of pounds being relocated daily by some of the world's largest food & material handling companies these hand truck models are a necessity for any workplace that requires heavy loads to be moved quickly & efficiently. Whether you require a simple standard model or something more bespoke with more elaborate features we have it covered!

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