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We have the best collection of hand trucks at Source 4 Industries. You can be confident you're getting the best quality possible because we carry the top leading brands, including Valley Craft®, Dutro®, B&P Manufacturing®, and Wesco®. We carry everything, including curb ramps, accessories, wheels, aluminum trucks, appliance and vending machine trucks, drum trucks, cylinder trucks, shovel nose trucks, pallet trucks, and all conventional utility vehicles.

  • Aluminum Hand TrucksLightweight and durable aluminum hand trucks for easy transport of goods.
  • Convertible Hand TrucksVersatile convertible hand trucks that adapt to your moving needs with ease.
  • Cylinder Trucks: Cylinder trucks are specialized material handling equipment designed for the secure and efficient transport of cylindrical objects, such as gas cylinders or drums.
  • Hand Truck Ramps: Hand truck ramps, also known as loading ramps, are essential tools for facilitating the smooth and efficient movement of goods using hand trucks or dollies.
  • Hand Truck Dollie Wheels: The best replacement wheels for your hand trucks.
  • Heavy Duty Hand TrucksHeavy-duty hand trucks built to handle the toughest material handling tasks.
  • Stair Climbing Hand TrucksStair climbing hand trucks designed for effortless movement on stairs and uneven terrain.
  • Vending Machine Hand TrucksVending machine hand trucks engineered for secure and efficient vending machine transportation.

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