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For nearly a century, Metro Shelving has been providing superior quality and revolutionary storage and workspace solutions to customers across the globe. Our dedication to quality and drive to develop cutting-edge goods have brought us unmatched success in the sector. In order to give our customers even more options for their storage needs, we have also continued to increase our presence in the non-wire shelving and workstation solutions areas.

Our products offer metro shelves that are long-lasting and are created with convenience, effectiveness, and quality in mind. If you need open wire styling or a fully non-wire look, our broad assortment of shelves may be tailored to meet your unique space needs and storage preferences. Additionally, all of our shelving is adjustable and comes with quick-tilt features that make it easy for you to swiftly change the height of your shelf.

We at Metro Shelving take pride in assisting clients in locating the ideal shelving solution for their particular requirements. With more than 70 years of combined experience, our staff is committed to offering first-rate goods that help any area become more organized, as well as outstanding customer service.

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