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R&B Wire Products is the industry leader in wire, tubular, poly, and vinyl bushel products. Since its founding in 1946, R&B Wire Products has offered companies sturdy, superior wire product solutions. The business prioritizes quality and safety for its clients, providing cart systems that are incredibly robust and simple to operate. R&B is an expert in anything wire-related and offers nothing less than the best, from coin-laundry carts to healthcare items and material handling equipment.

At R&B Wire Products, innovation has always been a top priority. Customers can purchase with confidence knowing they're getting the newest technology. Additionally, R&B's customers always come first with unmatched customer service that goes above and beyond what they anticipate. When it comes to offering your company the best items on the market, there is no better option than R&B because they are all supported by their dedication to excellence and years of trustworthy experience.

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