Multi-purpose dollies are usually a base with four swivel casters attached to the bottom. They are used to help move large heavy objects or to make heavy items and units more mobile. The most common ones are carpeted, which helps protect the finish of items and gives traction to the deck. There are also ones made out of wood which are used for more rugged moves, they are also made out of steel & plastic. Pallet dollies are made specifically for moving and handling pallets, those made for drums are used to help contain and manage drums, and we now offer auto dollies used for moving cars in place in garages and showrooms.

EZ-Mover Vehicle Positioning Jack

Titan Lifts


    Triangular Drum Dolly



      Steel Drum Dolly

      Giant Move


        Drum Containment Dolly

        Eagle Manufacturing


          Overpack Drum Dolly



            Plastic Mobile Dolly

            Quantum Storage Systems


              Super Duty Auto Dolly

              Merrick Machine


                Solid Deck Pallet Dolly w/ T-Handle

                Little Giant


                  Solid Deck Pallet Dolly

                  Little Giant


                    Pallet Dolly w/ T-Handle

                    Little Giant


                      Pallet Dolly w/ Handle

                      Little Giant


                        Container Dolly 16" x 18"

                        Merrick Machine


                          10K Flush Dolly 18" x 16"

                          Merrick Machine


                            Ribless Dually Auto Dolly

                            Merrick Machine


                              Mobile Dolly

                              Quantum Storage Systems


                                Plastic Drum Dolly

                                Giant Move