Auto Rotisseries & Auto Body Carts

Source 4 Industries has available the best auto rotisseries and auto body carts on the market today. AutoTwirler® offers three top notch automobile rotisseries. The AutoTwirler Classic is the original fixed height car body rotisserie. Exterior lifting device is needed to position the car frame or body 3 to 3.5 ft. off the ground. The AutoTwirler Elite is their original height adjustable auto rotisserie. With the hydraulic jacks you can raise the car body up to 20" off the ground. The AutoTwirler Pro is the most advanced automotive rotisserie and is considered among the best in the world with its' bidirectional balancer and laser cut clamps on all transitions. Also available are all of AutoTwirler's body carts. Merrick Machine®, offers their EZ Spin Auto Rotisserie with or without jacks. They also sell auto body carts, axle lifts and fold and tilt engine stands.

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