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Pallet racks hold all of your inventory and merchandise up high to save space and keep them safe from water damage. Pallet racks allow you to organize your work place just how you want it so that day to day operations flow smoothly. After all the time and money that goes into a proper warehouse pallet rack setup, it's definitely worth it to purchase pallet rack upright protectors. Once you have your rows how you want them and your inventory organized correctly to optimize workflow, protect your pallet rack uprights with quality upright post protectors. The uprights and especially the baseplates hold all the weight of all the shelves between them. It is extremely important for the sake of your product and for the safety of your personnel that these uprights maintain their structural integrity. Forklifts and powered pallet jacks have the power to destroy pallet rack uprights and hand pallet jacks can wear away at these posts making them unstable and unsafe. Handle-IT is a leader in pallet rack protection, safety and workflow optimization. Identify the high traffic areas in your work spaces and make the decision to protect the most vulnerable parts of your pallet rack system by choosing from our variety of pallet rack upright protectors.

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