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Electric material handling equipment is a type of machinery designed to move, lift, and transport heavy loads in industrial and commercial settings. They are powered by electric motors and are commonly used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and construction sites to increase efficiency and productivity. Electric material handling equipment includes:

  • Electric ForkliftsPowerful electric forklifts by Ekko Lift designed for heavy-duty material handling with zero emissions.
  • Electric Reach TrucksElectric reach trucks for high stacking in narrow aisles to maximize vertical storage space in warehouses. 
  • Electric Straddle Stackers:  Versatile electric straddle stackers for lifting and transporting loads. Suitable for handling pallets and other materials in confined spaces.
  • Electric Pallet JacksEasy-to-operate electric pallet jacks for efficient horizontal material movement.  Ideal for loading and unloading trucks, as well as moving pallets in warehouses. Top Brands Noblelift & Ekko Lift.
  • Electric Counterbalanced StackersEquipped with counterweight to handle heavy loads without tipping.
  • Electric Order PickersElectric order pickers improve warehouse order fulfillment and reduce errors. Electric order pickers for high-level picking in warehouses.
  • Electric Scissor LiftsElectric scissor lifts provide stable and emission-free elevated working platforms. 


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