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Explore our comprehensive collection of casters designed to meet a wide range of industrial needs. From top brands like Durable, Colson, and DH International:

  • Heavy Duty Casters: Tackle the toughest tasks with confidence using our heavy-duty casters, built to withstand demanding applications.
  • High Temperature Casters: In environments where scorching temperatures prevail, standard casters simply won't cut it. Enter high temperature casters, specifically designed to withstand the most extreme heat conditions.
  • Industrial Casters: Enhance the mobility of your equipment and machinery with our reliable industrial casters designed for commercial and industrial environments.
  • Leveling Casters: Achieve stability and precision positioning with our leveling casters, perfect for maintaining balance on uneven surfaces.
  • Metal Casters: Rely on the strength and durability of metal casters, suitable for various heavy-duty and high-temperature applications.
  • Stem Casters: Enjoy easy installation and excellent maneuverability with our stem casters, ideal for carts, equipment, and furniture.
  • Swivel Casters: Experience effortless maneuvering with our swivel casters, ensuring smooth and precise directional changes.
  • Fixed / Rigid Casters: Secure your equipment in place with our fixed or rigid casters, providing stability and support where needed.
  • Bellman Cart Hotel Casters: These casters for luggage carts are of the highest quality and are available with pneumatic or flat free foam wheels.
  • Caster Mounting Plates: These caster wheel mounting plates are either bolted or welded onto the bottom of machinery, equipment or material handling carts. 
  • Gate CastersGate casters are specialized wheels or wheel sets designed for use on gates.
  • Nonthreaded CastersNon-threaded stem casters include a variety of rigs that have a grip ring or square stem for mounting.
  • Stem Adapter CastersStem adapter casters are made to fit snug into wire shelving pipes and uprights.

      You can use the search feature on the left to narrow down your options for the ideal caster by selecting the parameters that are most important to you, including wheel diameter, thread width, overall height, weight capacity, bearing type, plate size, stem size, thread type, brake or lock, bore diameter, and hub length.

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