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Colson Casters has been a leader in the caster industry for more than 130 years. We have always been at the cutting edge of quality and innovation with our large assortment of casters and wheels. Colson provides one of the finest warranties in the industry as proof that every product is built to last, so you can be sure that your casters and wheels will serve you dutifully for years to come.

We know that clients want dependable performance, which is why we created our recognizable Performa wheel. Even on slick roads, it won't wobble or skid because to its unique structure. Other comparable models on the market now cannot compare to its smooth rolling load capacity.

Colson is aware of the need of selecting the proper caster or wheel to ensure the success of your project. Also, we provide countless customization choices so that our products may assist all of your projects appear and function their best, whether they are for design or industrial usage.

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