Makinex® was started in Australia in 2004 and has been on the cutting edge of innovative products for the construction, landscaping, equipment hire, and infrastructure industries ever since. Their products solve a number of logistical and institutional problems that people face on a weekly basis. The name Makinex stands for making inefficiencies extinct, and as their products show, they are getting rid of inefficiencies with each new happy customer. The Dual Pressure Washer w/ 2500 psi or 4000 psi ability makes any pressure washing job much faster. Powered Hand Truck has 309 lbs. capacity making frequent loading and unloading of batteries, generators and whatever else much more maneageable. They also sell 6000, 9000, and 1600 W Compact Generators. Makinex' Jackhammer Trolley is one of their premiere products and cuts the time needed to remove tile to a sixth of what it normally takes. Check out what Makinex has to offer.