Collection: S4 Bollards

Fixed or stationary – Designed to be installed in a permanent location like a storefront or blocking off unwanted access to vehicles

Removable – Designed with the same stopping power of a fixed bollard but with the flexibility to be removed to allow access to authorized vehicles and emergency vehicles.

Retractable – Designed for the same type of use as a removable bollard, retractable bollards offer the added convenience of being raised or lowered from the ground and locking into position.

Architectural – Designed with a more classic look and feel. Choose from lighted or non-lighted styles.

Bollards are manufactured from carbon steel with your choice of over 200+ powder coat colors and multiple cap styles. Stainless steel is also available in Type 304 or Type 316 for harsher environments. Stainless steel is polished to a #4 finish and is available with multiple cap styles.

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