Collection: Reliance Foundry

Since its establishment in 1925, Reliance Foundry has epitomized the fusion of traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, flourishing into an award-winning supplier with a North American footprint. This collection encapsulates nearly a century of work, showcasing how a quartet of industrious foundry workers' vision burgeoned into Vancouver's premier metal casting enterprise. Significant historical vignettes from the company's timeline are highlighted, such as the intensive war-time production efforts and the post-fire resurgence and expansion, symbolizing the foundry’s durability and adaptability. A selection from the collection exhibits the foundry's evolution through changing times, including the diversification of production in the 1990s and the receipt of the Business Excellence Award in 2012, reflecting its standing as an industry beacon for quality and innovation.

Reliance Foundry decided to team up with Source 4 Industries as their first United States distributor. We offer a wide selection of high quality bollards by them, and plan to continue the great reputation that both Source 4 Industries & Reliance have built by offering top notch products with great customer service.

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