Beat the Heat, Stay Lubricated

Beat the Heat, Stay Lubricated

Sure you think that you are overheating in this blazing summer, but how do you think your engines and heavy machinery feel? The Internal temperature of the equipment we use reaches insane levels under normal working conditions, and when they run all day in high heat conditions the amount of heat produced is no joke.

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures can lead to engine break down and seizure and is one of the leading causes of mechanical failure in heavy-duty machinery. One of the best ways to mitigate the harmful effects of rampant heat increases is through proper lubrication.

Grease coats the metal and creates a thin layer of separation between the surfaces working in tandem which reduces their rub on each other IE friction. Less heat is produced from friction, and residual heat is buffered simply by the presence of the lubricant itself. The proper amount of lube helps insulate working parts and wicks away excess heat from critical points of contact.

Proper and routine lubrication also prevents premature damaging of engine surfaces and helps reduce the build-up of foreign particles on the specific parts working together. Foreign particles are suspended in the lubricant and kept apart from one another. Proper lubrication also reduces the effect of corrosive substances like acids and water. Water alone can wreak havoc on exposed metal surfaces. It is important that the vital areas of machinery be dried and then sealed with the proper lubricant to repel all moisture and keep rust out.

Lincoln Lubrication is the industry leader in making it easy and effective to lubricate heavy machinery and equipment. They specialize in all your lubrication needs and have whatever it is that you may need in the way of lubrication. Check out what Lincoln has to offer and stay lubricated all summer long.

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