Merrick Machine Versatile Auto Dollies

Discover the Ultimate Garage Solution: Merrick Machine's Versatile Auto Dollies

When it comes to automotive garage solutions, Merrick Machine stands out as a leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality products. Their auto dollies are designed to meet the diverse needs of professional mechanics, DIY enthusiasts, and collectors alike. In this article, we'll explore their dolly products, auto dolly attachments, and other offerings such as the Cycle Dolly and EZ Spin Auto Rotisserie.

Merrick Machine's Dolly Products

Merrick Machine offers a range of dolly products to cater to various needs and vehicle types. Their product line includes:

1. Standard Auto Dolly - These dollies are perfect for moving cars, trucks, and SUVs with ease. With a weight capacity of 1500 lbs. per dolly, they provide exceptional support and maneuverability.

Standard Auto Dollies 1500 Lbs. Capacity - M998101

2. Heavy Duty Dolly - Designed for heavier vehicles, these dollies can handle up to 2500 lbs. per dolly. They're perfect for trucks, vans, and larger SUVs.

Heavy Duty Auto Dollies 2500 Lbs. Capacity - M998105

3. Super Duty Dolly - With a whopping 5200 lbs. capacity per dolly, these dollies are perfect for moving extremely heavy vehicles, such as large commercial trucks and buses.

Super Duty Auto Dolly - M998043

4. Caster Upgrade Kit - This kit allows you to upgrade the casters on your existing Merrick Machine auto dollies, improving their performance and durability.

Caster Upgrade Kit

5. Dually Dolly - Specially designed for dual-wheel trucks, the Dually Dolly provides exceptional support and maneuverability for these larger vehicles.

Dually Auto Dolly - M998031

6. Ginormous Tandem Dolly - This innovative dolly is designed for moving large boats, trailers, and other oversized loads with ease.

Ginormous Tandem Auto Dolly - M998051

Auto Dolly Attachments

Merrick Machine's auto dolly attachments enhance the functionality of their dollies, providing added versatility and convenience. Some of their most popular attachments include:

1. 4-Bolt Roll Around Attachment - This attachment converts your auto dolly into a wheel-less roll-around, making it easy to move vehicles on smooth surfaces.

4 Bolt Roll Around Auto Dolly Attachment

2. 5-Bolt Roll Around Attachment - Similar to the 4-bolt version, this attachment is designed for use with 5-bolt wheel patterns.

5 Bolt Roll Around Auto Dolly Attachment

3. Rolling Rack Attachment - This attachment allows you to store multiple auto dollies on a convenient rolling rack, keeping your garage organized and clutter-free.

 Rolling Auto Dolly Rack

4. Dolly Dock - The Dolly Dock provides a secure storage solution for your auto dollies, keeping them off the floor and easily accessible.

 Auto Dolly Dock

5. Tire Dolly Attachment - Designed to make moving tires and wheels easy, this attachment fits onto your auto dolly, making it simple to transport tires around your garage.

 Tire Stacker Auto Dolly Attachment

6. Service Seat Attachment - Transform your auto dolly into a comfortable service seat with this handy attachment, making it easy to work on your vehicle at a comfortable height.

 Service Seat Attachment

7. Engine Dolly - This attachment allows you to safely move engines around your garage, making engine swaps and other tasks much easier.

 Engine Dolly

8. Trailer Jack - The Trailer Jack attachment simplifies the process of moving trailers and other towable equipment by providing additional support and stability.

 Trailer Jack

Cycle Dolly

Merrick Machine's Cycle Dolly is the ultimate solution for moving and storing motorcycles in your garage. This innovative dolly allows you to effortlessly maneuver your motorcycle, making it easy to park, reposition, or move it into tight spaces. With its adjustable width and sturdy construction, the Cycle Dolly is perfect for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Cycle Dolly

EZ Spin Auto Rotisserie and Engine Stand Adapter

The EZ Spin Auto Rotisserie is another outstanding offering from Merrick Machine. Designed to make vehicle restoration projects easier and more efficient, this rotisserie allows you to safely and securely rotate your vehicle 360 degrees, providing unparalleled access to all areas of the vehicle. With a weight capacity of 3000 lbs. and a stable, well-balanced design, the EZ Spin Auto Rotisserie is perfect for professional shops and DIY enthusiasts alike.

EZ Spin Auto Rotisserie w/ Jack

To further enhance the functionality of the EZ Spin Auto Rotisserie, Merrick Machine also offers an Engine Stand Adapter. This handy attachment enables you to securely mount an engine to the rotisserie, making it easy to work on the engine and access hard-to-reach areas. This adapter is compatible with most engine stands, making it a versatile addition to your garage setup.

Engine Stand Adapter for Auto Rotisserie


Merrick Machine has consistently demonstrated their commitment to providing innovative, high-quality garage solutions for automotive professionals and enthusiasts. With their extensive range of auto dollies, attachments, and other products like the Cycle Dolly and EZ Spin Auto Rotisserie, they have truly earned their reputation as a leading manufacturer in the industry.

To explore their full range of products, be sure to check out the Merrick Machine Collection on Source 4 Industries. With their versatile offerings and commitment to quality, Merrick Machine is sure to have the perfect solution for your garage needs.

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