Hand Truck Wheels

Hand Truck Wheels

We often get customers looking for replacement wheels for their hand trucks. Many of them use their hand trucks day in and day out and after a while the hand truck wheels will wear out. We have seen cases where the tread will fall off of the wheel hub or the hub will crack from running the hand truck off of curbs, and other cases where the bearings will come out of the wheel. These are common failure points in hand truck wheels. One company took notice and has come up with a new series of hand truck wheels that are designed to meet industry demands.

B&P Manufacturing, located in Cadillac, Michigan, has designed the Carefree® and Balloon Cushion wheels specifically for hand trucks. The Carefree® wheel is a 10" x 3" non marking wheel that is light weight but has a durable, high impact hub made of polypropylene. It features a polyurethane crown tread that improves the maneuverability of the wheel and will not flatten out under a heavy load. The weight capacity of a pair is 600 lbs. These are a great wheel that can handle a heavy load without the tread coming off.

B&P’s Balloon Cushion wheels come in two sizes, 10" and 8". The hubs are also made with the same high impact resistant material as the Carefree® wheels and are more resistant to cracking and breaking. They feature a precision ball bear and a closed cell polyurethane tread that is designed to not roll off of the hub, like many other wheels do after hard use. The video below demonstrates the durability of the wheels.

These two series of wheels are a great addition to any hand truck and can handle heavy day to day use. B&P manufactures them right here in the U.S.A. and they are backed by a 2 year warranty. 

If you need any assistance or are interested in buying hand truck wheels, feel free to call our office or visit our hand truck wheel category on our site.

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