4" x 1-1/2" Roadie Wheel Swivel Caster with Metric Top Plate - 500 lbs. capacity

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4" x 1-1/2" Roadie Wheel Swivel Caster w/ Metric Top Plate

Versatile and resilient, the Roadie is great for smooth rolling over small debris, cracks, cables, and matting. Made of blue non-marking thermo-plastic rubber this caster is quiet and dependable. Great for wash-down applications and just about any weather conditions indoors or outdoors. A solid polyolefin core is chemically and mechanically bonded to rubber tread with an annular ball bearing in the middle. The bearing in the core and the dual raceway in the swivel top plate come pre-greased and are ready for a lot of different applications. The top plate is available in two different sizes and can be bolted or welded to just about anything.

Tread: Non-Marking Thermoplastic Rubber

Core: Solid Polyolefin 

Bearing: Stainless steel ball bearing

Rig: Zinc-Plated Swivel Caster With Swivel Dust Cap, 78mm x 99mm mounting Plate

  • Capacity: 500 Lbs. 
  • Color: Gray on Gray
  • Durometer: Shore A 65 (+/-5)
  • Temperature Range: -40° F to 180° F
Load Capacity 500 Lbs. 
Wheel Diameter 4"
Tread Width 1-1/2"
Tread Type Non-Marking Thermoplastic Rubber 
Core Type Solid Polyolefin 
Bearing Type Stainless steel ball bearing
Wheel Color Black/Blue
Overall Height 5-25/64"
Swivel Radius 4-1/16"
Plate Size 78mm x 99mm 
Bolt Hole Pattern 60mm x 80mm
Bolt Hole Diameter 5/16"
Durometer Shore A 65 (+/-5)
Temperature Range: -40° F to 180° F