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Durham® Flammable Storage Container

Fm approved, flammable storage cabinet, availalbe in 2, 4, 12, 30, 45, 60, or 90 gallon capacities. Cabinet comes with either a manual or self-closing door, 1 or 3 shelves, and painted in either safety yellow or red.

  • Manual or Self Closing Door
  • Flammable Storage Safety Container
  • Gloss Powder Paint
Model No. Dimensions (Overall) Color Weight
1012M-50 23"W X 18"D X 35"H Yellow 139 LBS
1012S-50 23"W X 18"D X 36-3/8"H Yellow 151 LBS
1002M-50 17-7/16"W X 18-1/8"D X 17-2/8"H Yellow 63 LBS
1030M-17 43"W X 18"D X 44"H Red 257 LBS
1030M-50 43"W X 18"D X 44"H Yellow 261 LBS
1030S-50 43"W X 18"D X 45-3/8"H Yellow 281 LBS
1045M-17 43"W X 18"D X 65"H Red 369 LBS
1045M-50 43"W X 18"D X 65"H Yellow 373 LBS
1045S-50 43"W X 18"D X 66-3/8"H Yellow 393 LBS
1004M-50 17-3/8"W X 18-1/8"D X 22-1/8"H Yellow 87 LBS
1004S-50 17-3/8"W X 18-1/8"D X 23-3/8"H Yellow 96 LBS
1060M-50 34"W X 34"D X 65"H Yellow 457 LBS
1060S-50 34"W X 34"D X 66-3/8"H Yellow 483 LBS
1090M-50 43"W X 34"D X 65"H Yellow 525 LBS
1090S-50 43"W X 34"D X 66-3/8"H Yellow 557 LBS