Grease Pump W/ QuickData Data Logger - 233 Series

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Lincoln® Grease Pump W/ QuickData Data Logger - 233 Series

Gain greater control over your operation with the QuickData Data Logger, your smart lubrication system logbook. You can download, save and analyze data from the pump's controller using a laptop computer or palm device via an infrared interface. If an infrared interface in not available, lincoln offers an external interface.

The 233 centralized lubrication pump is a powerful and robust compact multi-line pump that can drive up to three elements and is used in progressive (Quicklub or Modular Lube) automated lubrication systems. The 233 is ideal for mobile applications, rental machines, and construction machines. Versatile, compact, and economical, this pump is enhanced with low-level control, printed circuit board MDF01 with attached data logger module, and a keypad with display.

QuickData Displays:

  • Current status and operating data
  • Malfunctions of the lubrication system with the time of occurrence
  • Remedying of the malfunction with date, time, and duration of malfunction
  • Low-level signal of reservoir and regular refilling
  • Modifications in the pause time programming
  • Number of automatically and manually triggered lube cycles as well as the corresponding lubricant consumption
  • Power supply interruptions

The QuickData software is updated and all data can be read out by using an off-the-shelf, infrared IrDa-to-USB adapter. All indications enable the users to draw their conclusions regarding the condition, function, reliability, usability, and duration of service of the machine or the device. All information can be analyzed and documented and is then available as a written protocol.


Model No. 644-40826-1
Size 4 Liters
Power 24 Volt DC
Grease Yes
Low-Level Control Yes
Printed Circuit Board Yes