LMC 101 Controller for Lubrication

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Lincoln® LMC 101 Controller for Lubrication

The versatile SKF LMC 101 controller operates as a timer or controller on single-line or progressive lubrication systems. Developed for use on off-road and mobile equipment, the LMC 101 also is suitable for many low-voltage, industrial lubrication applications, such as those found in food and beverage, pulp and paper and steel markets. 

When operating as a controller, the LMC 101 ends the lubrication cycle when a pressure switch, pressure transducer or piston detector is actuated. In the timer mode, the lubrication cycle ends when time has expired. 

Designed to meet OEM vibration standards for major construction equipment, the LMC 101 controller can cycle a pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically driven pump in one-to 10 second intervals. 

LMC 101 controller features: 

  • Operates single-line or progressive lubrication systems
  • Functions as a timer or controller 
  • Records history of system operation and fault codes 
  • Configured using PC software and USB connection 
  • Controls FlowMaster or high-current pump without external relay 
  • Uses pressure switch or pressure transducers (1 to 6V or 4 to 20 mA) in controller mode 
  • LED indicators show power, pump function, low-level fault and system faults
  • Manual lubrication cycle activation button 
  • Data logging includes date and time of alarms, power ups, configuration changes, lubrication count, manual lubrication count, pressure alarm, low levels and pump on-time information

Four Inputs: 

  • Two pressure switches, pressure transducers or piston detectors
  • Remote manual lubrication switch 
  • Low-level switch 

Four Inputs: 

  • Pump 
  • Low-level alarm relay 
  • System fault relay
  • Vent solenoid 
Model No.  86535
Power Input  12 or 24 V DC, -20% + 30%
Enclosure Rating  NEMA 12 
Operating Temperature  -40°F to +150°F (-40°C to 66°C)
Inputs  4
Outputs  4
Approvals  None 
Pump Relay Contact  20 amps at 30 V DC
Vent and Alarm Relay Contacts  2 amps at 30 V DC
Enclosure Size  7.3 x 4.7 x 2.3" (186 x 120 x 59mm) 
Mounting Dimensions  6.75 x 3.5" (172 x 89mm)
Voltage  12-24 VDC