Odometer Style Mechanical Meter (Liters) Flexible Extension

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Lincoln® Odometer Style Mechanical Liter Meter 

Lincoln's odometer - style mechanical meter is ideal for indoor and outdoor fluid dispensing applications. Featuring an odometer - style mechanical readout, the offering comes in either a liter or quart version. The non-resettable totaliser lets you keep track of product usage over time. 

Package Includes:

  • Mechanical oil meter
  • Rigid or flexible extension with non-drip nozzle 
  • Trigger handle guard 
  • Black protective shroud 
  • Instructional manual 
  • Adapter for connecting extension in the 90-degree configuration 
Model No. 279322
Brand Lincoln
Lubricants  oils up to SAE 140, ATFs and gear oils and ready-to-use engine coolants (not concentrates)
Accuracy +/- 1% of reading 
Flow Range  0.26 to 8 gal./min. (1 to 30 liter/min.)
Working Pressure  max. up to 10,350 kPa, 1500 psi (103.5 bar)
Pressure Loss  100 kPa, 14.4 psi (1 bar) at 3.2 gal./min. (12 liter/min) without nozzle, using calibration fluid 
Weight  2.55 lbs. (1.16 kg) unpackaged
Swivel Inlet  1/2" NPT (f) 
Fluid Outlets  3/8" (9.5 mm) NPSI (f)
Wetted Components  aluminum, acetal, steel, nitrile, rubber