Odometer Style Mechanical Meter (Quarts) Rigid Extension

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Lincoln® Odometer Style Mechanical Quart Meter 

SKF today announced the introduction of its new odometer-style mechanical meters for fluid dispensing applications. Four models are offered with varying combinations of extensions and quart or liter measurements.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use, these meters feature a non-resettable totalizer that keeps track of product usage over time, as well as a batch totalizer with push-button reset. The meters have an oval gear mechanism that provides accuracy across a wide range of viscosities and a trigger lock that enables hands-free dispensing for large volume delivery.

The odometer-style meters feature a protective black shroud and are fully repairable for longer service life. Each meter has a trigger guard to protect both the operator and the vehicle from accidental damage, as well as an ergonomically balanced handle with non-slip grip.

The meter packages include a mechanical oil meter, rigid or flexible extension with non-drip nozzle, trigger handle guard, black protective shroud, adapter for 90-degree extension configuration and an instruction manual.

Model No. 279321
Brand Lincoln