Quicklub QLS 301 Grease Bottom Valve Remote Control 120 VAC

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Lincoln Quicklub QLS 301 Grease Bottom Valve Remote Control 120 Volt AC

The QLS 301 for Remote Control allows customers to be in control of the lubrication process. The 120 VAC models have no cycle monitoring and are on/off controlled by the user's external timer or PLC. The minimum pause time requirements should be followed when setting up the external controller. 

  • Compact pre-assembled pump and metering valve work with customer's PLCs, no need for separate controller.
  • Handle up to NLGI #2 grease for QLS 301
  • Works between -10°F and 158°F allowing operation in many environments
Model No. 650-40768-3, 650-40768-4, 650-40768-5
Operating Voltage - 120 VAC
Operating Temperature -10°f to 158°F
Number of Outlets  8, 12 or 18
Reservoir Capacity 61"/1.0 L
Protection NEMA 4
Minimum Operating Time 15  min. AC models
Timer Memory Indefinite
Maximum Operating Pressure - Grease: 3000 psi/205 bar
Output per Outlet & Cycle approx. 0.012" /approx. 0.2 cm.
Lubricant  up to NLGI 2 grease
Weight 18 lb.