Quicklub QLS 301 Electric Grease Pump Bottom Valve 120 or 240 VAC (SSV18)

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Lincoln Quicklub QLS 301 Electric Grease Pump

It's compact, rugged, easy to install and easy to use. It has a long list of standard features including built-in controller with LED display and keypad for easy programming, system cycle monitoring, a built-in low-level control and remote monitoring capability. For those who thought the reduced downtime and improved safety of automated lubrication were out of reach, and for those waiting for a cost-effective system for their smaller machinery, the reliable QLS 301 is the answer. It's automated lubrication "made easy."  

  • Same as QLS 401 except it has a spring-loaded follower allowing for horizontal mounting
  • Uses NLGI #2 grease 
Model No. P30192611114
Operating Voltage - 120 or 230 VAC
Operating Current  - 120 VAC/1.0 A
- 230 VAC/0.5 A 
Operating Temperature  - -10°F to 158°F/-25°C to 70°C 
Number of Outlets  61"/1.0L
Protection  NEMA 4 
Lubrication Cycle Time  - AC: 20 min. to 60 hours 
Number of Cycles  - For SSV12/SSV18: 1 cycle 
Timer Memory  Indefinite 
Maximum Operating Pressure 3000 psi/205 bar
Output per Outlet & Cycle  approx. 0.012"/approx. 0.2 cm. 
Lubricant  NLGI 2 grease
Weight  12.5 lbs./5.7 kg