Steel Surface Mount Bollard 4"/6" Diameter (42"H)

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Handle-It® Steel Surface Mount Bollard 4"/6" Diameter - 42" Height

Used to protect building corners; rack ends, doorways, machinery, and any situation where you need to protect against high traffic. Handle-It steel bollards are floor mountable and used to protect from impacts of lifts, and transport equipment, and can be used in various areas of your warehouse.

Standard steel cap cover included. Durable steel pipe construction 4" and 6" diameter and heights of 24", 36" and 42" available. Base plate measures 10" x 10" and is used for surface mounting. Ideal for protecting sensitive equipment, parking areas, building columns, mezzanines, doorways, and loading dock areas.

  • Comes with Mounting Anchors
  • Painted Safety Yellow for High Visibility
  • Available in Custom Heights
Model Number Height Diameter Weight Lbs.
BO-4-42-MD 42" 4" 38
BO-6-42-MD 42" 6" 48