Used Fluid Truck Drain

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Used Fluid Truck Drain - 20 Gallon

Truck drains feature a low-profile design for collecting used fluids under RV's, trucks and other off-road equipment, without the need for a lift or jack. A long T-Handle extending from the front of the reservoir allows the user to conveniently maneuver the drain into position. Once full, the reservoir can be emptied by gravity or with the use of an external pump. 

Model 84714 - 20 gallon truck drain. Model 84714 features heavy-duty welded steel construction and a unique three-wheel design that allows the operator to steer the drain into position. A front port located at the bottom of the reservoir allows fluid to drain by gravity, while a second port located on the back is designed for evacuation using an external pump. Two internal baffles and a 2" wide lip around the top of the reservoir reduces splash during draining and movement. 

  • Low profile design - only 8-1/2" tall
  • Internal baffles and 2" wide lip reduces splash 
  • Removable metal screen keeps out parts and debris
  • Dual female 3/4" NPT drain ports
Model No. 84714
Description  Truck drain technical data
Capacity  20 gal.
Overall Height  8.5"
Ground Clearance  2/4"
Reservoir Material  Steel 
Front Wheels (qty. 1) - pivoting  4"
Rear Wheels (qty. 2) - fixed axle  6" 
Drain Ports  3/4" female NPT 
Size (handle not included)  36 x 23.5 x 8.5"