Extra Heavy Duty 14 GA Ventilated Locker with Shelf and Hanger

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Extra Heavy Duty 14 GA Ventilated Locker with Shelf and Hanger

This ventilated Strong Hold locker is built to support your industrial workplace storage needs. It is constructed with 14 GA steel and has punched ventilation in a unique hexagon pattern - not weak expanded metal. These lockers are welded by professionals and reinforced by rivets. Each locker compartment has a high-capacity shelf, hanger rod, and 2 coat hooks. Charge your electronics by running your wires and cords through the built-in access holes.

Secured by a 3-point locking system, the cast steel handle is compatible with standard padlocks. The door is supported by 8 GA leaf hinges that ride on a low friction bearing surface. These hinges provide years of smooth operations. The legs stand at 3 inches tall and feature an easy-access floor mounting system to anchor the lockers down.

Shipped fully assembled, this locker is immediately ready for use. We are a Veteran-Owned Small Business, proudly manufacturing our products in the USA. The quality and durability of Strong Hold products is unmatched and backed by a 25-year warranty.

  • 14 GA steel with unique hexagon patterned punched doors and sides which allow for ventilation and visibility
  • Shelf, hanger rod, and 2 coat hooks in each locker compartment
  • Easy access to the floor mounting system featuring access holes with grommets that can be used for wire access
  • 3-point locking system, compatible with standard padlock

Ships fully assembled and ready for use from Louisville, Kentucky; 25-year warranty

SKU Width Depth Height Weight Locker Count Locker W & D
1.66-1H-18-1T-L 18 in 18 in 75 in 138 lb 1 18 in
26-1H-24-1T-L 24 in 24 in 75 in 185 lb 1 24 in
36-2H-18-1T-L 36 in 18 in 75 in 250 lb 2 18 in
46-2H-24-1T-L 48 in 24 in 75 in 336 lb 2 24 in
4.66-3H-18-1T-L 54 in 18 in 75 in 361 lb 3 18 in
66-3H-24-1T-L 72 in 24 in 75 in 488 lb 3 24 in