Good All Around Caster Wheel

Good All Around Caster Wheel

Which caster wheel works best on concrete floors? What about on carpet? What wheel is quiet on tile flooring? Choosing the right wheel for the type of surface it will be rolling on can make all of the difference. For example, a wheel with a round donut shaped tread will roll better on carpet than a wheel with a flat tread. Also, a wheel with a hard tread will cause more noise when rolling across tile than a wheel with a softer tread. For these reasons, Durable Superior Casters® has come up with a great all around wheel that can bridge the gap between many types of wheels.

Durable Thermo-Pro Wheel

Durable’s Thermo-Pro line of wheels are made of a special non-marking thermoplastic rubber that is permanently bonded to a polyolefin core. This ensures that the tread will be able to hold up to the day to day use and abuse without separating from the core. The thermoplastic rubber is softer which helps with noise reduction when rolling on different types of flooring.

Durable also designed this wheel with a round tread as opposed to a flat tread. The round tread reduces the surface contact of the wheel allowing it to roll smoother and improves maneuverability. This is important when rolling on carpet. The Thermo-Pro wheels are also resistant to cleaning chemicals, acids, alcohol, and water. They can be used for wash down applications as long as the bearing used is resistant to water as well. They come in different sizes and weight capacities ranging from 3” to 8”, and 210 lbs to 600 lbs.

We have several customers here in Las Vegas that use these wheels on carts that roll around casino properties. They often roll on concrete outside, the carpet in the casinos, and on tile flooring. These are their go-to caster wheels that can handle it all, and are economically priced.

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