How to Order Pallet Rack

How to Order Pallet Rack

Pallet Rack is the most cost effective way to shelve thousands of pounds of material safely and easily.

Whether you need a single bay of racking or a number of rows, pallet rack layouts can be designed and ordered to accommodate virtually any work area. Understanding the 3 main components and the different sizes of pallet rack will make it easier to get the most out of your work space. By taking some measurements and planning ahead a cluttered warehouse can be easily transformed into a safe workplace.

The different components that are required to install pallet shelving are important if you want to tailor your pallet rack system to your specific work environment. Once you know the parts that go into bulk shelving all you need to do is imagine what the absolute best setup for your situation would look like. Take into account daily operations and try to picture what the racking might look like 6 to 12 months down the road. Come up with at least a few possible configurations that could work and then choose which ones make the most sense.

When you decide on a possible shelving arrangement that fits your space and workflow needs all you need to do is measure your work area and choose the right size Uprights and Beams that will be closest to the arrangement that you had in mind.

The three essential components to rack shelving are Uprights, Beams, and  Wire Decking.

Uprights can vary in heights from 5 ft. to 25 ft. and have a standard depth of 42", but are also available in depths of 24", 30", 36", 44", and 48".

Beams range in lengths from 4 ft. to 13 ft. and have face heights from 3 in. to 6 in. The higher the face the greater the capacity rating for the beam. 8 ft. Beams are the most popular size beam used. One starter unit of pallet rack requires at least two uprights and two beams that make up the first level or shelf of the pallet rack bay. Two beams are required for each level of shelving.

Wire Decking size is dependent on the depth of the uprights and the length of the beams. The most typical size of wire deck is 42"D x 46"W because standard uprights are 42" deep and with 8 ft. beams two pieces of 42"D x 46"W wire deck fit side by side on the two 8 ft. beams between the two uprights. The depth of the wire deck needs to match the depth of the uprights, while the width of the wire deck needs to be 2 inches shorter than the length of the beams in inches for every piece of deck needed. For example, if you have 4 ft. beams which are 48" L all you need is one 46" W piece of wire deck. If you are using 8 ft. beams which are 96" L all you need are two 46" W pieces of deck. If you are using 12 Ft. beams, which is 144" L you need three pieces of 46" W deck.

Width of Wire Deck Based on Beam Length in Inches

  • 5 ft. Beams are 60" L  so one piece of 58" W deck would fit
  • 6 ft. Beams are 72"L  so one piece of 70"W deck would fit
  • 7 ft. Beams are 84"L so two pieces of 40"W deck would fit
  • 9 ft. Beams are 108" L so two pieces of 52"W deck would fit
  • 10 ft. Beams are 120" L so two pieces of 58"W deck would fit
  • 11 ft. Beams are 132" L so two pieces of 64"W deck or three pieces of 42"W deck would fit

When you have figured out the design of the shelving you would like, you can begin to calculate the number of uprights and beams you will need to fill the space. Once you know the size of the uprights and beams you can determine what size and the number of wire deck you will need. Thoughtfully planned, custom fitted Pallet Rack can make all the difference in the workflow and the organization of a company. Begin to rearrange and expand your pallet rack systems today.

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