Introducing New Bollards on Fifth Avenue: A Fresh Look at Gaslamp, San Diego

Source 4 Industries provides City of San Diego Gas Lamp District with New Bollards

SAN DIEGO - In an initiative to improve the urban landscape and bolster pedestrian safety, the city has decided to substitute temporary gates along Fifth Avenue, from Broadway to K Street, with sturdy steel bollards provided by Source 4 Industries.

The primary goal of this move is to prevent vehicles from entering the Gaslamp Promenade. This marks another step in San Diego's ongoing efforts to promote safe walkability and facilitate the growth of outdoor dining spaces, particularly essential in the wake of the pandemic.

Transforming the Gaslamp Quarter into an outdoor haven has been a long-standing vision for San Diego. The implementation of bollards signifies the commencement of the multi-phase project designed to revitalize the area.

The upcoming phase will focus on sprucing up the streets with an addition of more trees and replacing worn-out asphalt. Local businesses in the Gaslamp district have shown enthusiastic support for this vision.

Sarah Ertmann, the manager for Huntress, praised the move, noting that it has resulted in increased visibility for restaurants, especially those that rely heavily on walk-in clientele. "It opens up restaurants like us who don’t always get the walk-in business because people don’t know. Now they can travel up and down and they can see us and come hang out and have a good time downtown" she said.
4" Removable Stainless Steel Bollard with Embedment Sleeve

In an effort to enhance the security and aesthetic appeal of the vibrant Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego, a selection of new removable stainless steel bollards have been purchased. Available through Source 4 Industries, these high-quality bollards come with a 4-padlock system and an embedment sleeve included, combining functionality with modern design. These robust structures serve as efficient protective barriers and traffic guides, ensuring the safety of pedestrians and aiding in the regulation of vehicle movement. The sleek, polished appearance of the stainless steel further contributes to the urban aesthetic of the district, subtly enhancing its charm while performing a crucial function.

The new walkways are regularly used by both customers and employees, according to Ertmann, expanding space for pedestrians and enhancing the overall atmosphere of the area. The anticipation grows as city officials continue to develop future projects.

In the meantime, a feasibility study is being conducted to ascertain the potential costs of the second phase of the project.

Additionally, plans are being discussed for another pedestrian-friendly promenade on Normal Street in Hillcrest, reflecting the city's commitment to enhancing walkability and outdoor spaces.

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