What Are Bollards

What Are Bollards? Everything you need to know

Do you know what bollards are? Chances are, if you’ve ever walked pass a shop or business on the sidewalk, you have likely seen bollards without knowing it. But understanding what these helpful and versatile pieces of safety equipment can do for safety and security is important to anyone that works or manages commercial spaces. In this blog post, we will be diving deep into the world of bollards: What they are, why they’re used, what types there are and much more! Read on to learn everything about the invaluable asset known as bollards.

What Are Bollards

Bollards are a popular security measure that offer an effective way to keep both people and property safe. Bollards are metal or concrete posts that line walkways, pathways, streets, and any other potential open areas. Often bollards are used to prevent smash and grab crimes by blocking access to certain areas such as parking lots. Additionally bollards can be removable when necessary such as when large deliveries must be made. It is also possible to use bollards with a retractable feature that allows bollards to move out of the way when needed while providing safety features at all other times. Bollards come in many different styles and shapes so choosing the right bollard for your needs will ensure maximum effectiveness for the walls you need protecting.

Why They're Used

Bollards are a great solution for ensuring safety in public spaces. They are heavy metal posts that are installed to provide demarcation and, most importantly, protection from vehicular collisions. Bollards can come in different shapes and sizes, however, they all serve the same purpose: to keep people safe by preventing cars or other motorized vehicles from crashing into pedestrians or buildings. When bollards are placed around buildings, they help deter smash and grab scenarios as well, since bollards make it difficult for someone to quickly access a building with a vehicle. Ultimately bollards offer a great way to ensure the safety of those moving through public spaces.


What Types of Bollards Are There

Removable Bollards:

Removable bollards are an efficient and secure solution for crowd control, property access and security. They are a great way of keeping an area pedestrian-friendly. These bollards are typically removable so that traffic can quickly move in and out of the designated area when needed but kept securely closed when not in use. Generally removable bollards provide a physical barrier that enables then to prevent unauthorized vehicle access, while allowing easy administrator control. Different varieties are available, offering custom levels of protection and matching their overall surroundings and fitting the specific needs they may be addressing. Removable bollards provide temporary or long term crowd control around construction sites, events and public spaces efficiently.


Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards are a very interesting and unique physical security solution. They go directly into the ground instead of being removed, in their 3ft underground sleeve. The retractable bollard is used to provide control over access points, and can be manually deployed to prevent access by unauthorized vehicles. Retractable bollards offer an efficient and effective way of preventing unwanted vehicles from entering an area without impacting on everyday pedestrians or regular access. Their retractability also adds an additional layer of safety, as they can retract below the level of the road when not in use meaning that they pose no obstruction when it is safe for traffic to pass. Overall retractable bollards provide great flexibility and protection making them a beneficial addition to any security system.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards are an effective and sturdy way of protecting property from potential vehicular risks. They consist of a steel cylinder fixed into the ground, usually 6-45 inches in height, and are designed to stop or restrict access to certain areas. Their strong design makes them ideal for securing perimeters from unauthorized or dangerous vehicle movements. They come in different materials and finishes, depending on the specific application, plus it's possible to embed reflectors or other warning signage onto them for extra visibility. No matter the environment fixed bollards offer security against vehicular risks like ram-raids or out-of-control vehicles in public spaces.


Bollards are a valuable asset due to their versatility and utilitarian nature. Installing bollards in commercial spaces, especially those near sidewalks and other areas where people gather or congregate, can go a long way in keeping those areas safe and secure. Many types of bollards come with additional safety features that make them all the more effective, such as bright colors or reflective surfaces that alert pedestrians and drivers alike of potential danger in the area. Whether for urban areas or anywhere else, bollards are worth looking into for safety purposes first and foremost. We hope this blog post has given you all the necessary information on these little pillars of protection so that you can make an informed decision when considering going with this solution. If you're interested in seeing some of the examples talked about today you can shop our large selection of high quality bollards

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