Planning Ahead For Change

Planning Ahead For Change

Since 1972, Source 4 Industries has had the opportunity of serving a wide variety of customers from construction to the hotel industry, from manufacturing to government supply, and every type of industry and business in between. Having been on board since the inception of our business, I sometimes wonder what I have learned over these past 45 years and perhaps more importantly what knowledge of greatest value can I share with my less-experienced friends that would make their path a little easier in the coming years. Often times my reminiscing can bring about blank stares and glazed-over looks that say, “I’m only interested in today and what might happen tomorrow.” I’ll make this short and to the point and will add to this in future posts.

In a nutshell – Things will change! Depend on that! Do your best to contribute honestly and wisely today and every day, and complete each task that you are given or set out to do on your own. By tomorrow, today will be history and your ideas may be treated like the proverbial footprint on the beach.

For today, a well thought-out plan with honest intention, focused on making a difference can be the foundation for small things that can surely pave the way for things of greater substance. Businesses open and close, prices go up and down, opportunities come and go, new ideas flourish and vanish, and employee / coworker relationships don’t often last (but it’s important to appreciate when they do). However, consistency of purpose, if tenaciously stuck to, can provide the strength upon which success will most assuredly come.

Make a plan, stick to it, and be grateful for the good that you will clearly see come as a result.

Allyn Schlauder
Owner – Source 4 Industries

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