Shipping an Auto Rotisserie

Shipping an Auto Rotisserie

Auto Rotisseries have revolutionized the way serious car enthusiasts work on and restore classic vehicles all around the country in a fraction of the time.

Once a chassis is mounted, one person can rotate it a full 360° all by themselves on a modern car rotisserie. This makes getting to those hard to reach rust spots underneath the car much easier and with various lift heights and available hydraulic jacks you can always set your restoration project at the perfect work height saving your back and neck from unnecessary strain.

There are a variety of different auto rotisseries on the market today and they all have their benefits and differences depending on what you are looking for. Special auto body models like unibodies and valance models may require additional mounting adapters offered by the manufacturer. The top auto rotisserie manufacturers that we at Source 4 Industries recommend are AutoTwirler, Merrick Machine and Titan Lifts. The six auto rotisserie models offered by these three brands are top of the line, the safest models available and are built to last. You will have to decide for yourself which type is right for you, but if you are seriously considering purchasing a car rotisserie some important things to consider are the logistics of getting one shipped to you.

Needless to say a car rotisserie isn't like an everyday package you get in the mail. Knocked down they are all still quite big and pretty heavy. The units made by these three companies are pretty similar in shipping size. Their average dimensions are 40"W x 60" - 70"L x 30"H and can weigh between 540 and 700 lbs. So to ship, ground carriers are definitely not an option which means auto rotisseries almost always must be shipped on a freight line.

What you need to know when ordering one of these restoration life savers is that it will most likely show up in a semi truck. This might not be a problem but freight companies generally charge more before sending one of their trucks into residential areas, and if you do not have a forklift handy they will charge extra for a lift gate fee, so be prepared.

If there is any way to have your rotisserie sent to your business or someone you know with a dock or a forklift, this could save you at least $80 in extra shipping charges. If you really want it shipped to your house and want to unload the item piece by piece from the truck you might be able to get around the lift gate fee, but you should probably specify before hand and be ready to do some light lifting when it shows up.

We would like everyone to get what they've asked for for Christmas and for the New Year to come, we just want to make sure it arrives in one piece and that shipping cost nor the 18-wheeler outside your front door be too much of a surprise.

Happy wrenching and Happy Holidays!

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