Taming the Long and Bulky: Why Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks Are Your Storage Solution

Taming the Long and Bulky: Why Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks Are Your Storage Solution

Every warehouse or storage facility wrestles with the challenge of maximizing space. But what happens when your inventory isn't your standard box or pallet? Long pipes, lumber, furniture, or oddly shaped items can throw a wrench into your carefully crafted storage plan. Here's where Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks step in, offering a robust and versatile solution for those bulky and hard-to-store items.

Why Choose Cantilever Racks?

Unlike traditional pallet racking with vertical supports in the front, cantilever racks boast a single upright column with horizontal arms jutting outwards. This open design eliminates obstructions, allowing for unobstructed storage of long and awkwardly shaped materials. Here are some compelling reasons to consider Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks for your storage needs:

  • Unmatched Versatility: Meco-Omaha offers a range of capacities, from Series 1000 for medium-duty applications to Series 5000 for extra-heavy loads. This flexibility ensures you can find a rack system that perfectly matches the weight requirements of your inventory.

  • Adaptability is Key: Meco-Omaha's modular design allows for easy customization. Need more storage space? Simply add additional arms or uprights to your existing system. Different sized arms can also be interchanged to accommodate various inventory shapes and sizes.

  • Accessibility Reigns Supreme: The open-base design of Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks grants unrestricted access for forklifts. This translates to faster loading, unloading, and overall improved warehouse efficiency.

  • Safety First: Meco-Omaha prioritizes safety. Their racks are constructed from high-grade steel and feature double tube braces for added stability. Additionally, punched uprights allow for single or double-sided configurations, maximizing stability based on your storage needs.

  • Optimizing Space: By eliminating vertical supports in the front, cantilever racks free up valuable floor space. This allows you to maximize storage capacity within your existing footprint, reducing the need for additional storage areas.

Who Can Benefit from Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks?

The beauty of cantilever racks lies in their wide range of applications. Here are some industries that can significantly benefit from implementing Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks:

  • Lumberyards and Building Material Suppliers: Neatly store pipes, lumber, plywood, and other elongated building materials with easy access for forklifts.

  • Manufacturing Facilities: House pipes, metal rods, and other long materials used in production processes, keeping them organized and readily available.

  • Furniture Stores and Showrooms: Display furniture efficiently, maximizing showroom space while providing unobstructed views of each piece.

  • Appliance Stores: Safely store appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and dryers, allowing for easy access and customer browsing.

  • Wholesale Distributors: Effectively store bulky or oddly shaped items like carpets, rolls of fabric, or large machinery parts.

Beyond Storage: The Added Benefits of Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks

While improved storage and space optimization are clear advantages, Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks offer even more benefits:

  • Inventory Organization: Dedicated storage areas for long items prevent clutter and improve overall warehouse organization, making it easier to locate specific items.

  • Streamlined Operations: Faster loading and unloading times due to easy forklift access lead to improved workflow and overall operational efficiency.

  • Reduced Damage: By providing designated storage areas for bulky items, you minimize the risk of them getting damaged by bumps or falls during handling.

  • Improved Safety: A well-organized warehouse with designated storage areas promotes a safer work environment for employees.

Investing in Your Storage Future

Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks are a smart investment for any warehouse or storage facility dealing with long or bulky items. Their versatility, adaptability, and focus on safety make them a leader in the cantilever rack market. By optimizing space, improving organization, and streamlining operations, Meco-Omaha Cantilever Racks can transform your storage game and contribute to a more efficient and profitable business.


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