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Transport carts and dollies made specifically for the food service industry. The majority of these food transport carts are made out of aluminum because of its durability, uniform quality, anti-rust and anti-corrosion properties while still being light weight. Certain carts are available in stainless steel which offers resistance to heat damage and added strength while also being anti-rust and anti-corrosive. Because aluminum and stainless steel are anti-rust and anti-corrosive they are ideal for food service applications because of the frequent exposure to water, heat, and chemicals. Choose from chicken, dough, dunnage, chill tray, milk crate, food box delivery, mixer bowl, and dish rack dollies. The food service carts and dollies available are utility, platform, mat, adjustable mobile merchandiser, U boat, baggage, bulk delivery, bussing, folding stock, fry basket, ladder, queen mary, room service, wet produce, bulk mover and lug carts.

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