Innovative Products

We have the opportunity to work with some manufacturers that are on the cutting edge of efficiency. These companies are Makinex®, AutoTwirler®, Merrick Machine® LiftnBuddy® and Handle-It®. Makinex is a company based out of Autstralia and as their name says they take pride in making inefficiencies extinct. They really do live by that concept, the products they make each fill a gap and serve as a solution to problems that businesses and individuals alike are facing everyday. AutoTwirler is a company in northern Utah that specializes in making auto rotisseries making it much easier to work on and restore cars. Merrick Machine also has auto rotisserie models as well as auto dollies and auto dolly accessories. LifnBuddy specializes in easy to use keg lifters. Handle-It makes industrial products as well as top notch stretch wrap machines. See what's new here in innovative products. 

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