12 Volt Pump and Follower Kit

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Lincoln® 12 Volt Pump and Follower Kit

  • Designed specifically to meet the demands of on and off road equipment applications 
  • High pressure/high flow for fast application 
  • 6,000 psi capability overcomes tight pins/bushings or blocked lube points 
  • Delivers grease in extreme temperatures
  • High volume output allows for quick lubrication of daily lube points, and can also be used to effectively stretch excavator tracks 
  • Custom pump and follower design completely empties the bucket of grease with no waste
  • Built-in pressure switch extends service life by allowing the pump to operate only when needed
  • Unit can be easily mounted on a machine, pick-up or service truck for improved convenience 
Model No. 276358
Brand Lincoln
Description 276360 pump, lid, & follower
Operating Temperature -20° to 140°F 
Operating Voltage  12 VDC
Motor  - 24 VDC
- 12 VDC
Maximum Current Draw  - 24 VDC (15 AMPS)
 -12 VDC (20 AMPS)
Maximum Output  - 24 VDC 18.0 in. (3)/min.
- 12VDC 7.0
Maximum Output Pressure 6000 psi (413.8 bar)
Pump Weight  35 lbs. 
Hose Reel Capacity - 3/8" High Pressure Hose 
- 50"
Bare Pump 276360